If you only have two days in Ho Chi Minh City. From lush parks, to bustling markets, to panoramic rooftop restaurants, get a taste of all the city has to offer to you.

Pham Ngu Lao Street

This is the backpacker district, and although it’s busy and hectic it’s a whole lot of fun. Expect lots of bars, restaurants, street food vendors and more. It’s a great place to explore by foot, especially at night.

Puppet Show

Street Food & Drinks


Night Life

The best nightlife activity in HCMC is to visit the rooftop bars.

If, like me, weather gets in the way of checking out the rooftop bars I can highly recommend grabbing a group of friends and going to a karaoke bar.


Ho Chi Minh City Museum

The building is nice french style from outside. Inside, they have collection of vietnamese history on industry and handicraft, culture (wedding, music, camera, money), commercial, nature and archaleology. Besides, it also have some collection on revolution struggles.

Bitexco Financial Tower – Saigon Skydeck

At a height of 262 meters is the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City. you can enjoy the full sight of the City and Saigon River. The 49th-floor observatory gives you views of nearly the whole city sprawl.

Artinus 3D Art Museum


Artinus 3D Art Museum is an interactive art gallery, which gives it visitors a truly wonderful experience in the magic of 3D. This museum has more than 100 different 3D paintings, created by Korean artists. The artworks are created in a way that the visitors can step inside them and be part of some stunning 3D scenes.


Saigaon River

Spend a few days in Ho Chi Minh, and you’ll discover it’s a young, modern city on the move. In contrast, cruising along the Saigon River gives you a glimpse of a more rural Vietnam, where life moves at a slower pace, much like it did decades ago.


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