Discover Self

Discovering self means finding the base of your own existence, i.e. your own soul or Godly nature or whatever you want to call it. There are different bodies exist in this world. However there is only energy behind it running all the very nature of life.

Once you discover your self, it means you actually have discovered Godly nature within you. However when a person gets started on his journey to discover self, he has to introduce himself to multiple “I”s. Once these multiple I’s revealed layer by layer, in the end left is one which is nothing, non-existential; we call it soul. That is the infinite power running this whole universe as well as beyond universe.

There are various methods or ways using which once can discover self. When you close your eyes and sit in silence, the first distance you make is from your physical body. Slowly you start to realize that you’re not this physical body, but something beyond this physical reality. You’re able to see yourself as different from this physical body you have. This is the first layer you get introduced to.

Once you’re detached from your physical self, you get a chance to discover the second layer of “I”, i.e. your mind. Where all your thoughts are originated, where you feel all the senses, where there are feelings and emotions. You think this is “I”. However when you try to go deeper within, your thoughts and mind starts to become more stable and you started to observe your thoughts as an another person. You started to observe the emotions and feelings going on within this layer. That time you realize your mind is not you either. This is the time you get introduced to the second layer of your existence.

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Till this stage, you’re able to detach yourself from your physical body and mind. Next is the third layer of “I” which is further deep you try to discover. Further looking you as a seer, you get introduced yourself as a sub conscious mind, which contains far more possibilities.

The next stage is to discover your soul. Which is a form of energy. This is the point when self realization happens.

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