Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy is something you can take from anywhere. You can get it even while you’re sleeping. You start getting it even more when you meditate.

Our ancient civilizations discovered and built some energy points on earth where one can get cosmic energy in bulk. Take for example Pyramids of Egypt. The fact is even with the modern technology, we are still not able to explore the pyramids in full and reveal the nature of it. I believe these pyramids are the kind of instruments for self understanding and self realization. There are many other mysterious places on this planet earth.

gray pyramid on dessert under blue sky
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When you look at the ancient temples or churches, you’ll notice that they are built in a specific pattern or structure. Even today, we follow the same kind of patterns or structure to built such religious monuments. The architecture on the top of these structures is more or less the same. That is because such structures are able to receive cosmic energy in high quantity. That’s the reason why you feel good or peaceful while you visit such places.

ancient architecture asia buddhism
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Another way to get cosmic energy is through meditation. Getting more amount of this energy helps you transform your life by enabling you to make peace with your inner self and stay in the present. It helps expand your consciousness, obtain knowledge, and lead a happy and orderly life.

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