What is God!

Have you ever wondered who are you? When you were born, you opened your eyes and looked around with your physical eyes and see there are a lot of things around you. You wondered who created all that? For sure you know that you did not create it. You look at the people around you,…

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Visions during Meditation

There are certain changes happen in your body and mind when you sit in meditation. While your eyes are closed, the energy which was suppose to be for your eyes to have a physical level of vision; the same energy gets utilized for inner vision. Your physical eyes are capable of looking the physical world…

panoramic view of aurora borealis over road in subpolar conifer forest in wnter

Cosmic Energy

Cosmic energy is something you can take from anywhere. You can get it even while you’re sleeping. You start getting it even more when you meditate. Our ancient civilizations discovered and built some energy points on earth where one can get cosmic energy in bulk. Take for example Pyramids of Egypt. The fact is even…

Discovering Self!

Discovering self means finding the base of your own existence, i.e. your own soul or Godly nature or whatever you want to call it. There are different bodies exist in this world. However there is only energy behind it running all the very nature of life. Once you discover your self, it means you actually…


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